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March 23-24, 2021

This two-day conversation, open to all members of the Lehigh community, encourages people to reflect on the impact of everyday trauma and pain in a punishing moment.

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The staff of The Brown and White breaks news and embraces the challenges and camaraderie of journalism.

Social media has dramatically altered the communication landscape, offering new frameworks for individual expression.  The millennial generation, 18-29 year olds, have never known a world without the Internet. Political candidates have become aware of the important role social media plays in shaping voters perceptions, and how voter impressions can be formed through social media is the focus of research by Jayeon Lee.

In recent research, studies found that Americans use news coverage of groups such as the poor and racial/ethnic minorities to shape their perspectives on these groups. Studies further demonstrated that these groups are unfairly treated covered by the media. Imaani El-Burki, professor of practice in the department of journalism, examines media portrayals of racial minorities and economically marginalized groups as well as the social and political impact of such depictions.

The right of publicity gives celebrities the right to control the commercial use of their identities, but when they use it to block news reporting or critical commentary, important constitutional freedoms are put at risk. 

The conflicts between the First Amendment and publicity rights are of particular interest to Kathy Olson, associate professor of journalism and communication, who is studying the issue with support from a New Directions Fellowship.

Google Glass, the new digital eyewear from Google that features a built-in wearable camera, has made its way into the classroom of Jeremy Littau and is changing the way Lehigh journalism majors think about storytelling.

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, BrightKite, or FourSquare, momentum has been gaining for social media as it reshapes the way we communicate. But in the arena of open communication, does social media make us better, more engaged civic citizens? Not according to Jeremy Littau, whose research examines social involvement in online virtual communities.

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