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Jennifer Midberry

Associate Professor

(610) 758-4454
Coppee Hall

Ph.D., Temple University

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Additional Interests

  • Visual communication
  • Journalism ethics
  • Ethics
  • Media stereotypes
  • Affective responses tp news

Research Statement

Jennifer Midberry's research agenda explores how journalism practice can be improved to create more ethical coverage of marginalized groups and be more effective at evoking audience empathy and engagement with important social issues. 


Dr. Jennifer Midberry is an assistant professor in Lehigh University's Journalism and Communication Department. As a former photographer and photo editor, much of her work focuses on photojournalism and her projects are intended to have practical insights for visual journalists in addition to advancing visual communication and journalism theory. She employs both qualitative and quantitaive methods. She teaches Visual Communication, Photojournalism, Media Ethics, and Media & Society at Lehigh. Empowering her students to think critically about media representations and the role of journalism in addressing social problems is the goal that drives her teaching. Previous to her career in academia, she worked as a visual journalist for organizations such as The Philadelphia Daily News, the Associated Press, AOL News, and ABC News.