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Mass Communication Minor

The minor consists of 15-16 credits.  Students can take any four courses from Journalism or Communication.  Coursework can include COM 30, Media and Society and COM 130 Public Speaking but those courses are not required.  Students can also take four semesters of The Brown and White (JOUR 1 through 4 for one credit each) and count the 4 credits as one class toward the minor.  Transfer credits are encouraged for this minor.

Students do not declare the minor until the credits are completed.

Total credits: 15-16

Science & Environmental Writing Minor

JOUR 1 Brown and White (1) or
JOUR 231 Science Writing Practicum (1)
JOUR 21 Writing for the Media (4) or
JOUR 123 Basic Science and Technical Writing (4)
JOUR 124 Politics of Science (4)
JOUR 125 Environment, the Public and the Mass Media (4)
JOUR 323 Controversies (4)

Total credits: 17