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Mariana De Maio

Associate Professor

Director, Latin American and Latino Studies

211 Coppee Hall

Ph.D., Mass Communication, University of Florida, 2105;

M.A., Journalism/Broadcast track, The University of Missouri, 2008;

B.A. and M.A., Communications with emphasis in Journalism, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1999

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Additional Interests

  • Journalism and democracy
  • Journalism safety, risk and coping
  • Journalism and labor
  • Media and social justice
  • Health Communication

Research Statement

Mariana De Maio is a political communication and journalism studies scholar. Her research interests lie in media influence on political attitudes and behavior, digital media activism, influences in journalistic practices, and portrayals of women and other underrepresented/misrepresented groups in media. She is actively involved in three networks of scholars studying journalism around the globe: Journalistic Futures, Worlds of Journalism Study, and Journalistic Role Performance Project.


Mariana De Maio is an associate professor in the Department of Journalism and Communication at Lehigh University. She is also director of the Latin American and Latinx Studies program. She received her Ph.D. in Mass Communication and a graduate certificate in Latin American Studies from the University of Florida in 2015. Before coming to Lehigh, she was an assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Media Studies at San Diego State University. 

Originally from Argentina, she is a former journalist who has been in the U.S. for several years and has worked as a reporter and editor in radio, television, print, and online news outlets. Before pursuing her Ph.D., Dr. De Maio worked for Catholic Relief Services in Baltimore and the American Red Cross in Philadelphia, where she used social media to enhance their outreach efforts and to promote their work to potential donors. Previously, she started a weekly Spanish publication for Gannett in the heart of South Jersey to service the regional Hispanic community.

Dr. De Maio’s work also extends to her time at the University of Missouri’s Journalism program, where she was the assistant editor to a bilingual publication, produced bilingual radio programs to cover important news in Central Missouri, and worked for the local NPR affiliate and the local NBC station. Her experience also goes as far back as her years while being an undergraduate at the Universidad de Buenos Aires when she produced radio programs and taught a multimedia class. Her undergraduate degree is from the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina with a degree in Communication, and she also has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Her current research projects focus on journalistic practices around the globe, with a particular emphasis on Latin America. She is currently looking into the different kinds of influences in journalistic practices that are affecting the industry and could potentially affect the future of democratic societies as we see them today. Additionally, she is interested in looking at portrayals of women and other underrepresented/misrepresented groups in media and at how underrepresented groups use media for social justice. 

She is actively involved in three networks of scholars studying journalism around the globe: Journalistic Futures, Worlds of Journalism Study, and Journalistic Role Performance Project. De Maio has published her work in some of the most prestigious journals in her area of research, such as: Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, the International Journal of Press/Politics, Journalism, Journalism Studies, Digital Journalism, Journalism Practice, and the Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies. She has also presented her work in many international venues.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Mellado, C., Hallin, D., Blanchett, N. … De Maio, M. … (2024). The societal context of professional practice: Examining the impact of politics and economics on journalistic role performance across 37 countries. Journalism 

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Mellado, C., Blanchett, N., Stępińska, A., ... De Maio, M. … Does News Platform Matter? Comparing Online Journalistic Role Performance to Newspaper, Radio, and Television. Digital Journalism 

De Maio, M. & Wanta, W. (2022) Sources of the Media Agenda: Source Selection and Media Reform in Argentina. Journalism Practice. DOI: (acceptance rate: 45%)

De Maio, M. & Rodriguez, N. (2022) #DefendDACA: The Use of Twitter to defend DACA & DREAMers. Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies, 9(2), 49-65. DOI: (acceptance rate: 7%)

Rodriguez, N. & De Maio, M. (2021) Straddling the Wall: Comparative Framing of Trump’s Border Wall in U.S. & Mexican Newspapers. Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies, 8(4), 171-191. (acceptance rate: 7%)

Olivera Pérez, D. & De Maio, M. (2021) Cuban Media During the Presidency of Raúl Castro: A Multidimensional Approach to Understanding Patterns of Change and Continuity in Media Systems. The International Journal of Press/Politics, 0(0), 1-23. (unpublished acceptance rate, 2021 impact factor of 6.592)

De Maio, M., & Rodriguez, N. S. (2020). Mafalda and Women’s Rights: A Canvass of the Sixties. Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies, 4(1), 80–102. (acceptance rate: 30%)

De Maio, M., & Torres González, G. (2019). An introductory look at the Paraguayan news media. Lúmina,13(2), 55-72. (acceptance rate: 30%)

Nee, R. C., & De Maio, M. (2019). A ‘Presidential Look’? An Analysis of Gender Framing in 2016 Persuasive Memes of Hillary Clinton. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 63(2), 304–321. (acceptance rate: 9%)

De Maio, M. (2018). Democratization or censorship? Argentina’s newspaper coverage of the media reform. The Agenda Setting Journal, 2(1), pp. 64-83. (acceptance rate: 25%)

De Maio, M., Alkazemi, M.F., & Wanta, W. (2016). An Examination of the Roman Catholic Church’s Agenda-Setting Function in Argentina. Journal of Media and Religion, 15(1), 15-28, DOI: (acceptance rate: 31%)

Chapters in scholarly books

De Maio, M. (2023). #NiUnaMenos: The Story of a Tweet That Revolutionized Feminism and Changed How Media Covers Violence Against Women in Argentina. In: Baker, A.J., González de Bustamante, C., Relly, J.E. (eds) Violence Against Women in the Global South. Palgrave Studies in Journalism and the Global South. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. 

De Maio, M. & Olivera Pérez, D. (2022). El negacionismo como estrategia de comunicación política no gana elecciones: Trump y la COVID-19. In (No)... es la comunicación, es la política. Eds. Omar Rincón, Catalina Uribe, Matías Ponce & Angie González, 231-244. FES Comunicación: Bogotá. 

De Maio, M., & Torres González, G. (2022). (Des)comunicación gubernamental y síntomas de pokovid en el Paraguay. In (No)... es la comunicación, es la política. Eds. Omar Rincón, Catalina Uribe, Matías Ponce & Angie González, 167-184. FES Comunicación: Bogotá. 

De Maio, M. (2019). Argentine Media Regulation, Fake News, and the Election of Mauricio Macri. In The Oxford Research of Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History. Ed. William H. Beezley. (26 pages). New York: Oxford University Press. DOI:


JOUR 110 – Latinx and Latin American Media
JOUR 275 – Writing for the Media II
JOUR 385 – Journalism and Democracy
JOUR 385 – Journalistic Futures
COMM 150 – Health Communication